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Our strength is our people. A panel of 5 Senior Engineers provide top class technical backup. Under their able supervision 25 skilled technicians work at SAR around the clock. The facility comprises of 2 workshops of sizes 1600 sq. mts. and 1200 sq. mts. with a complete standby power for the entire premises.

We are constantly undergoing expansion and introducing newer technologies and equipment. Computerization in every facet of operations is the key to our manufacturing success. The manufacturing processes are : Turning on CNC turning centers, Gear cutting on CNC Hobbing, Shaping & Straight Bevel generating machines, Gear shaving (with inprocess gauging system), Gear Honning, Broaching (horizontal & Vertical), Tooth rounding / Chamfering, Gear cleaning (Shot Blasting), Milling and Grinding: Internal (CNC), External, Surface & Root with Inprocess gauging system and CNC Hard Turning. SAR is also equipped for Heat treatment processes like : Gas Carburizing, Induction Hardening, Salt bath HT, Nitriding, Annealing & Normalizing. We also have a TOOL ROOM for manufacture of jigs, fixtures, etc.

Manufacturing Facilities :
Turning Cleaning
Gear Cutting Grinding
Tooth Rounding Machines Cutter Resharpening
Gear Shaving, Honning Stand by Power Supply Facility

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